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Life with Dementia is a regular event designed and led by people living with dementia in Nottingham, which has so far taken place in 2018 and 2019.

Navigating Empowerment

Navigating Empowerment presentation

This is a presentation explaining learning from Life with Dementia project called Navigating Empowerment: Learning from people living with dementia as they develop, design and deliver educational events.

It was prepared by Dr Jane Rowley, the Project Manager.

View the presentation here.

(You may need to download Acrobat Reader to view this pdf file).

Photos from past events

Here are a few pictures from our first ‘What Matters to Me – Life with Dementia' event held at Nottingham Racecourse in 2018. George Rook, one of our core advisory group who planned and led the day, is conspicuously absent because alongside leading and presenting he also found time to take all these photos.

This is a gallery of photos where the next photo will show after a few seconds, or you can use the arrows at the side of the photos to go to the next or previous one.  You can see a larger version of the photo by clicking or pressing on it.

Trent Dementia image: photo of the Life with Dementia core group

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