Life with Dementia

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Free event: What Matters To Me?

Wednesday November 14th 2018 - 10am to 3.30pm

Nottingham Racecourse, Colwick Park, Nottingham NG2 4BE

Free with light lunch provided, but booking required:
book via this web page or email

On 1st floor: standard-size lift available for standard-size wheelchairs image: What Matters to You? Event poster


A free event for people living with dementia, those that care for them and professionals offering support.

Designed and led by people living with dementia, this one-day event offers the chance to speak to people about their experience of diagnosis, the support they find helpful and how they solve the problems they experience. Short presentations and topic rooms where people can talk to the presenters and share ideas and experiences.

The UK Network of Dementia Voices (DEEP) will be showing Dementia Diaries and offer a chance for people to get involved. We will be holding the first DEEP social group in Nottingham during the event and hope people will come and share their own ideas for what they would like to do in and around Nottingham.

The event is free with a light lunch included, but you need to book a place via this web page or email

Want to get involved?

Trent Dementia needs your support to design an event about living with dementia, we think the best people to design this are people who are living with dementia.

Trent Dementia image: Life with Dementia project - photo of group of men and women taking a selfie
  • Are you living with dementia?
  • Are you isolated?
    Would you like to spend some time talking to people who are living with dementia?
  • Have something to say?
    Would you like to meet others who share your interests?
  • Could you help professionals better understand what is important to you?

Would you like to help us design an event in Nottingham to share your experiences with professionals?

Trent Dementia image: photo of the Life with Dementia core group

We have just started our new project Life with Dementia and we have meetings planned throughout the next few months, we will be planning an event and having conversations about life after a dementia diagnosis. We plan to work in partnership with other organisations, providers of care and support but, most importantly we want to talk to people living with dementia and work together to plan our event in November 2018.

We commissioned a small research project to talk with people living with dementia about ways to access social support and how they could work with us to co-create an event to share their experiences with professionals who provide services or support after diagnosis. People told us they wanted to meet together socially and that creating space for people to meet and talk together was really important, so we aim to support the creation of a DEEP group (Dementia Engagement & Empowerment Project) in collaboration with Innovations in Dementia CiC or something similar.

People living with dementia told us that they often felt isolated, that their social networks dwindled or changed, that they could struggle to find their voice amongst all the opinions, ideas and stereotypes and the most important thing for many was space to talk and not only about dementia but, all the other things they were interested in.

Could you help us?

If you would like to know more or take part please get in touch with us:

Email Dr Jane Rowley, the Project Manager at

Or use our contact form.