Christmas bag packing 2019

Supermarket bag packing secures funding for group website: back button

Supermarket bag packing secures funding for group


Christmas bag packing 2019

Dear All “Friends for Life”,

Great news – the efforts of 14 volunteers raised £551 in just 4 hours, that’s fantastic and should secure 2020 for our group. Tesco staff and management treated us well, with Liezl providing refreshments and manning the packing every time a comfort break was needed.

My part was at a desk, sitting for hours (really hard work) handing out information, I am pleased to say, 2 people may come to our group at Westdale Lane, and another 3 would be interested if there was a group in Hucknall or Bulwell, information given of who to contact (DEEP). My collection bucket was just as heavy as everyone else’s, Cynthia needs a special mention as she had notes in her bucket £5 x 6 and a £10. What’s her secret ??? And how do we bottle it ! We managed to take a photo of the early group, see attachment.

When I thought our day was over, we had an email from anonymous members of the group …who donated £500. They know how much this means to our group and definitely secures our 2020 future, which I know you will support by attending all events and meetings that you can. Let’s make sure the money is put to good use, please come up with great ideas.

List so far :

Bonnington Theatre (Jan)

Rutland Water Nature Reserve (Feb)

Burton on Trent Museum (March)

Trentham Gardens (April)


Steve and Cynth XX