Beauty, the 6 foot 11 inch sunflower

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Beauty survives gale force winds

Steve Litchfield


Beauty, the 6 foot 11 inch sunflower
Beauty, the 6′ 11″ sunflower

Friends for Life (Nottm) celebrate our “Beauty” overcoming gale force winds and rain to become a beautiful Sunflower and stands at 6ft 11″ or 211 cm. Showing that we can overcome the odds with a smile on our faces, just like our zoom meetings. It’s time now to plan a celebration as Boris announces groups of 15, enabling us to meet up again socially.

It was also good news that the opening of swimming pools where our friends “In at the DEEP end” which is Nottingham’s first DEEP group hopefully will resume the weekly swim for PLWD and Carer’s to enjoy freedom to exercise.  

It seems as though we have sight of a fresh beginning to enjoy, all with caution, but a chance to breath fresh air beyond our 4 walls. Our concerns are still with those who are told to stay inside for for their safety and we must do all we can to improve their struggle. So zoom meetings must continue and share our stories and humor. 

While we sheltered from the rain yesterday Cyn turned to me and said, “We should plan our Groups Christmas party, what do you think”?. Well my first thought was Men from Mars and women from Venus; but I replied “Yes, what a good idea”.  So here we go again ……. plan, plan, plan!

More about the Friends for Life group on the DEEP website and on Twitter.