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Seems just like yesterday

A look back at the sea-side days

Steve Litchfield, taken from the Board of Memories

Memory Café, Thackeray’s Lane, Fri 26th July 2019

Dad trying to keep out of the way, while mum packed the bags,
Our car looks a little nervous as the load gets heavier,
Frustrations starting to show, as the car boot begins to sag.
Can you just get this my little make-up case in? Mum shouts
Dad takes one look at mums face; I guess we will no doubt!

Dad always says the same thing on these trips to the sea-side
I’ve got a sixpence for the first person to spot the sea,
As I was the shortest, I always thought I would be last
Amazing how thoughts flash through your brain recalling the past.

My Dad as usual claims the sixpence as he spots a familiar place
The smell of salty sea drifting through the windows, the streets are full of people
“Mum look at them with those hats, I don’t know how they dare”,
Saying “Kiss me quickly, squeeze me slowly”;
Mum blurted out “There probably floozies from The Market Square”.

The Bed and Breakfast was close bye, just next to the promenade,
We heard sounds from the penny arcade and scream and shout from the waltzer’s on the fair.
Can we just, can’t we just, get on the waltzer’s, or swing-boat, if you dare.

Photo of sticks of rock

Early rise, greeted by the owners, who would have believed he used to be a Forest supporter
They only moved in last year from Nottingham’s squalled quarter
Fried eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding, toast and a large pot of stewed tea,
Planning to build sandcastle and burying Dad by the sea.
The sun is strong and the bags are all filled with everything needed for kids to be kept entertained all day.
Ball, bucket and spade, fishing nets, windbreaks sandwich box,
Can we hurry-up; I want to find an area near the rocks.

As we settled and hid behind the wind-breaks, lying down on the striped beach towels that trailed
All this because Dad’s efforts to raise the sun chairs failed.
If only he had a practice last week he would have got it nailed.

Time for lunch, I hope Mum packed something nice,
Out comes the picnic, sandwiches filled with boiled egg, water cress and a cream slice,

We knew we were taking a huge risk as the area was swarming with seagulls
Mum was sure we would be o.k. as she had a huge umbrella with a sharp point,
A large umbrella appeared from where nobody knows,
The tide was starting to come in slowly at first
As the sea rose between our toes.

The sun was getting hotter as it reached mid-day,
People hiding behind towels trying to get changed into their swimming cossie’s
Balancing on one leg, trying to keep from embarrassment and feeling a right twit.
Large or small just balancing on one leg in the sand with the other in the air,
Just wanting to get a tan, I ask myself is it really worth it?

After many hours of sunbathing, it’s time to call it a day,
On the way back to our temporary home,
We walked down the road where smells filled the air,
Sausage and chips or fritters of all types I fancy one or even a pair.

Reaching the B. and B. and discovering we were 2 mins.late and in for a roasting,
2pm and no signs of life, but the curfew was clearly sign posted.
There was no bell or knocker as we banged on the door,
With our bloody bare knuckles it felt like a punishment,
There was no answer as we tried again,
Lights came on as my knuckles swelled in pain.

Dad next year can we try Butlin’s instead,

How about Minehead. !