Friends for Life tote bags

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Raising funds for a Magic Table


Friends for Life tote bags
Photo of our Friends for Life tote bags

Friends for Life (Nottm) “Ay’e up mi duck”, have left the group in good hands while temporarily away on Hols in Cyprus. Cynth and myself have previously tried to raise funds for a “Magic Table” a Interactive table for small group of PLWD to play games, tackle puzzles and view history and geography etc. They cost any where around £2K/£5000, we had a donation last year from friends in Cyprus who follow what the group accomplish. Having attended the donors wedding yesterday, I was asked to make a little speech about the activities of our Dementia group, to be praised and supported once more with a financial support, giving us a chance of approaching our target and dreams of a Technical support for the group. On our return to UK we will be arranging a demonstration, to see what are the best Apps for our group. Exciting times, and hopefully we can fulfil our targets, thanks so far to our friends of our group, who just happen to live in Cyprus.

In addition 2 of them do a rendition of a “Pam Ayer’s” comedy sketch “I can’t do it”!, and have agreed to re-create it on either video or a live zoom link for the group. Hopefully we will be able to share at some point, although that is not one of our talents, as sadly we sent 4 virtual walks, which somehow didn’t arrive and presumably are still walking somewhere?.

Steve & Cynthia c/o Friends for Life DEEP (Nottm) “Ay’e up mi duck”